The Marley's Family
  Bob Marley

Robert Nesta Marley
Born on February 6, 1945, in Nine Mile, a small locality to the north of Jamaica, could not imagine that i would manage to turn into one of the musical myths of this century. Cedella Booker, an African woman bought property in Jamaica, of 18 years and of Norval Marley, a captain of the British army, who affected ignorance of his son. At the end of the fifties, Robert moved with his mother to Kingston, the capital. It was the city where the inhabitants of the rural zones were coming in to improve his economic situation. As the majority of the rural families, his destination was the poor and wretched neighborhoods. Great influence had in Bob Marley's life the Rastafarian religion, mixture of Biblical prophecies, philosophy naturist and black nationalism. 
In 1930 Evenness Tafari Makkonen emperor of Ethiopia was crowned, happening to be call Hailè Selassiè. According to an old prophecy, this king libertaríMa to the black race of the white domain. Many Jamaicans, believers in the prophecy, chose it as the representative of his new religion. It was in this environment where Robert knew Neville O'Riley Livingstone  and Peter McIntosh. Together Fats Domino, Brook Benton or Curtis Mayfield began to touch, influenced by the music of Ray Charles. In 1963 they form a group, 'Wailing Wailers', throwing the first single that would reach the first position in the Jamaican lists. Marley turned into one of the first ones in writing songs on the young delinquents of Kigston's ghetto.In 1966, Bob Marley married Rita Anderson, and one went to live with his mother a few months. This one was living in The United States, with his new husband. To his return to the island, the belief in the Rastafarian religion grew, being reflected in his songs. With his friends Bunny and Peter, they create a new group, 'The Wailers'. 
In 1980 publishes 'Uprising', whose success was sweeping, propitiating a new European tour that beat all the records of assistance. On having finished the European tour, Bob fell down seriously sick with cancer caused by a wound that had been done a few years before. On May 11, 1981 Bob Marley was dying in a hospital of Miami at the age of 36. His body was moved to his natal city, Nine Mile, where it rests in a mausoleum. To his funeral there came the prime minister and high personalities of his country.

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