The Marley's Family
  Rita Marley

Rita Marley

Though born in Cuba, her family soon moved to Trenchtown's neighborhood in Kingston. Rita was singing in the trio The Soulettes in the middle of the 60s when it knew Bob Marley. They married in 1966 and it began to do the choirs of group of her husband, the I Threes. Rita and Bob had 4 united children. Already, since they were promised, Rita turned to the Rastafarian movement after attending Haile Selassie's visit to Kingston on April 21, 1966. After Bob Marley's death, it began the career in solitarily of Rita, recording some álbumes with certain success in the United Kingdom. She was the executrix of Bob Marley's legacy as widow and administered the inheritance to his children during her minority. Rita also supported the début in the music of her son Ziggy Marley.

In 1998, Rita Marley of help founded the Foundation in Africa as extension of the Foundation Bob Marley, founded by her husband.

Rita vive en Ghana, donde mantiene un estudio para nuevos valores de la música africana y sigue involucrada con la labor benéfica de su fundación con diferentes proyectos de ayuda.

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